CaloGAN project

Organized by vbelavin

This is a competition on application of GANs for LHCb calorimeter simulation.

Jul 03, 2019-Jul 10, 2029
37 participants

MLHEP2019 1 stage: regression

Organized by vbelavin

This is an MLHEP2019 competition on an estimation of p_x, p_y and x, y for particles that pass through LHCb ...

Jun 30, 2019-Jul 10, 2019
76 participants

MLHEP2019 0 stage

Organized by vbelavin

This is a toy competition created in order to make you familiar with CodaLab system and simplify your further participation ...

Jun 13, 2019-Jun 29, 2029
58 participants

JUNO. Energy and Vertex Reconstruction

Organized by leyla

Jun 01, 2019- No end date
7 participants

Cityscapes. Urban scenes segmentation

Organized by buntar29

The Cityscapes Dataset focuses on semantic understanding of urban street scenes. It contains a diverse set of stereo video sequences ...

Feb 10, 2019- No end date
12 participants

Fermi Denoising

Organized by mariia

This is a competition which goal is to create a model predicting the sources given an original fermi image.

Feb 10, 2019-Jan 01, 2020
6 participants

LHCb RICH Fast Simulation

Organized by SiLiKhon

This is a competition to develop an efficient and accurate algorithm for fast LHCb RICH detector simulation.

Dec 01, 2018- No end date
11 participants

OPERA EM-shower separation

Organized by vbelavin

Nov 19, 2018-Jul 04, 2019
10 participants


Organized by test

The well known Iris dataset from Fisher's classic paper (Fisher, 1936).

Oct 01, 2018- No end date
9 participants

Example Competition

Organized by towelenee

This is a competition to test the competition bundle system. It should be able to create a competition from this ...

Jun 30, 2013- No end date
10 participants

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